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Press Release

Sidney, June 23, 2017

Horst Liepolt

From  his teens to the  BERLIN  of  1944, HORST LIEPOLT   has lived his life in jazz music and abstract art.   Contemporary art forms,  forbidden for more than a decade  still  lived underground in bombed out cellars.  When the U.S.  Occupation  Forces came,  musicians came with them.   Some were  famous jazz artists and some unknown who would become jazz legends.  They  were creating the  new and exciting music,  which  would soon thrill jazz fans everywhere.

Horst was  there, living with it and for it. 
In MELBOURNE  seven years later he opened his  JAZZ CENTRE  44 in  rooms  beside  the Luna Park  Big Dipper at the bay beach of St. Kilda.   It  became the Australian Mecca  for musicians, artists  and audiences  for   all that was the newest and most creative in   jazz,  art,  poetry, film, photography. 

In SYDNEY from  1961 and for the next twenty years,  he  produced jazz  in  CONCERTS and FESTIVALS.   Programs   featured  Local and International  artists in major  Australian city venues including  the  Sydney Town Hall and the  Opera House.  He produced music for several films and a quarterly magazine “JAZZ DOWN UNDER”.      The multi-national company Phonogram Records assigned to him his own  label, “44 RECORDS” with which he recorded the best of  Australian jazz  over a twenty year period.  The BASEMENT  Jazz Club , of which he was the co-founder,  is as familiar a landmark  to Australians and visitors as the nearby Harbour Bridge. It  began  as  an  underground cavern with sandstone walls, a relic of the first white settlement on  harbour foreshores.     
As co-founder and Musical Director  Horst’s programs  introduced  jazz lovers to the latest and best local  and international talent  and a new  generation to jazz music.

Thirty years after leaving Berlin, Horst moved to NEW YORK.   Consolidating all of his past experience,  he  initiated and produced for several years,  the Greenwich Village Jazz  Festival.   In partnership with Mel Litoff and Phyllis he established  SWEET BASIL, regarded  for some years  as New York’s premier jazz club.       The “Live at Sweet Basil”  recordings which he produced  testify to the quality and diversity of  Sweet Basil music  during the lifetime of the club.  

For the past  twenty years  Horst has been creating abstract art  inspired by jazz.   With his wife, Clarita, a noted Sculptor, he spent  several years in Berlin where he exhibited  his work.   The present exhibition is his first solo in his adopted city.

See the art and  hear the music 

Moya Wood, Sydney - Australia



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