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King Porter Stomp/Cannon Ball Adderley La nevada- Johnny Coles Gil Evans More Sergery - Serge Ermoll Bob Sender Rainbow Hill - Bob Bardnard The Gringo - Serge Ermoll Bob Sender Willow Three - Cannon Ball Adderley
Let Alone - Jackie McLean Light Blue One Step Beyong - Jackie McLean So What - Greg Osley St Luis Shoes - Greg Osley To Bird with Love - JAckie McLean
Bag's Groove - Mill Jackson Blue "n" Boogue How Hight The Moon Jazz no risk no Fun Jazz-Serious Fun Walkin - Miles DAvis
Moon Night- Charles Mingus Blue Concept - Nat Adderley Right Down Front Bells - Albert Ayler Hog Callin Blues - Charles Mingus Finger poppin - Horace Silver
Oh Yeah - Charles Mingus Creole Love Call - Duke Ellington. Acrylic on telephone book page Oleo- Sonny Rollins with Don Cherry live at he Village GAte . Acrylic on telephone book page Naima-Archie Shepp. Acrylic on telephone book Bird Feathers - Charlie Parker. Acrylic on telephone booh page Ask me now - Thelonious Monk. Acrylic on telephone book page
I remember Don Cherry space
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