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Zen Impressions

Zen Impressions

a Horst Liepolt Retrospective exhibition of his abstract paintings
presented by

Clarita Liepolt & El Taller Latino Americano

July 3-14, 2017
El Barrio’s Artspace PS 109
215 East 99 Street, New York, NY 10029
Gallery hours: 11am-7pm daily

Horst Liepolt, in celebration and commemoration of his 90 years,
has joined his passions for art and music in an exhibition of his work that is all about
the Greats in Jazz.

Reception for the artist: Thursday, July 13, 6:30 - 8:30 pm at
El Taller Latino Americano
215 East 99 Street (2nd - 3rd Aves)
New York, NY 10029

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